Custom Furniture Repairs and Restoration


Decorating your living area is a huge part of the excitement that comes with having your own space. Even in private offices, the chosen furnishings allow people to set a theme for the room that fits their personal taste. The only downfall to investing in furniture is that naturally all pieces will begin to show signs of ware and tare over time. Whether the defect appears in the form of a rip, scratch, or chip attention is often immediately drawn to these areas. Do you round up your savings and throw out the faulty pieces or try and revive them back to their flawless image? Repairing or restoring furniture is a great alternative to a fresh, new look for a better price.

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What specific furnishings make the cut for the mentioned services? With no limit to the shape and size, any piece that has upholstery can be restored. You have the freedom to customize the design and choose any colors or patterns that you please. Other then for damage purposes, Vintage and Victorian style decorating is currently in style and many used couches and chairs are lacking attractive fabric. We fancy the design and shape of the old styles, but often the patterns come far from fitting in to a home’s interior. Choose from neutral, floral, or vibrant colors to tie your room’s splendor together.


Aside from customizing upholstery, you can also repair old cabinets. Whether they come in the form of a dresser, armoire, or an inlaid cabinet a smooth finish can bring back a healthy appearance. Old cabinetry can resemble new pieces while saving you the time and expense of shopping for new furniture. When refinishing such items to restore their look you can choose from shades within the same color family or an entirely different color scheme. It is not only a great way to customize your cabinetry, but also a good route to use when looking to restore any antiques you may have.

Broken legs, arms, knobs, and drawers are common errors that occur with all types of furniture. Instead of disposing of items with flaws, why not correct the problems and keep your cherished belongings? A special characteristic about customizing is that you don’t have to repair things with their standard design, but can redecorate items with unique knobs and brand new drawers. Repairing and restoring old furniture can be looked at the same way as purchasing new, only you are free to put your input in to making. It is much more desirable to have, or keep, furnishings maintained and up to date then to break the bank and redecorate an entire room. The process can be just as quick to customize as it is to settle for something new simply because it appears more convenient.

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Vintage terrace door restoration needed NYC?

I have decided to repair or replace my metal terrace doors. They are under Landmark status, so I need the appearance of two doors and six sets of two side by side panes (lites). Over the years the doors have presented rusting problems. I dealt with them in
What I really need is a company that can get rid of the rust, maybe sandblasting it, and replace one pane; then paint with rust proof paint.

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